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eye color change eye color change

"Hey All! My name is Toryn Green and I’m a singer/actor/student from the Los Angeles area, but probably best known as the former singer of the rock band FUEL. I remember when I was contemplating/researching the eye color change procedure from Brightocular and looking over the very testimonials that you’re reading (and that I’m writing) at this very moment. I have to say... everything that I was hoping for when I was in your position, became a reality for me. It’s been just over 3 weeks since I had my procedure done with the most amazing doctor in South India , and I’m loving the new “Ice Grey” eyes! I sometimes forget that I have them until I pass by a mirror, or see a pic taken. My 1st checkup post surgery that I had this week back in LA showed that everything is going great, and I’ll do 2-3 more within the year! Admittedly, I had some reservations about traveling to a foreign country to get the procedure done.. but EVERYONE involved was a complete professional. When researching the procedure, I found a few different alternatives, but when I looked into them further, I found that they just weren’t safe. The technology behind Brightocular’s implant and the success rate of the patients who’ve already had the Brightocular procedure, both short and long term are why I decided to go for it! If and when you decide to make this step for a permanent and amazing eye color change.. you are in great hands with BRIGHTOCULAR! If you guys wanna keep up on the latest “Ice Grey” pics, or if you’re a fan of music, feel free to stop by and say hello.."

Toryn Green(05/01/2015)

eye color change eye color change

My name is Selena, and I work for a Plastic Surgeon. I was born with a condition called Heterohromia, it is basically having two different colored eyes. I grew up being made fun of and teased at school which could hurt anyone's self esteem as you can imagine.

It feels great not having to wear uncomfortable color contacts to cover up my heterochromia and now I can look people directly in the eye without them giving me a strange look for having two different colored eyes.

Thank you Brightocular

Selena Gomez(August, 10, 2014)
Miami Florida

eye color change eye color change

I have always wanted to change my eye color since I started wearing color contacts at a young age. I am a free lance model in California and since I have gotten the procedure I have booked many more jobs and I just feel more confident taking photos knowing they wont look unnatural as they did when I wore color contacts. I guess I always wanted green eyes since my mother and brother both have. I was the unfortunate one but not anymore :)

I was nervous initially when I was about to have the procedure but I didn't feel anything during the procedure which only took about 10 minutes per eye. I was able to go back to my hotel the same day with my eyes wide open. Waking up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror knowing these are really my eyes is a feeling I cannot explain with words.

Brian ( 1/19/2012 )
Los Angeles

eye color surgery eye color surgery

I am not a stranger to cosmetic procedures but this has been the most fulfilling procedure I ever had and probably the last I will ever need.

I have been wearing color contacts since my early teens which are very popular in Asia. Now people can look into my light baby blues that are really mine ! I really feel I now finally found my own unique special identity that sets me apart from the world.

Chizu ( 2/10/2012 )

surgery to change eye color

Its been 2 years since I had my surgery and I almost already forgot how it feels to have brown eyes but I don't mind not remembering lol. I do however remember my friends and family thinking I was crazy for having the procedure but with any new procedure people will have their reservations. When I had my required eye exams done to determine if I can have surgery my local eye doctor did perform the exams I needed but he warned me not to move forward as he did not want to be responsible if something happen to me which is understandable since he could not perform the procedure yet or be allowed to give the ok for someone to have it done. When lasik first came out people had the same concerns claiming that they will go blind or when plastic surgery started being done for cosmetic reasons not just reconstructive medical purposes people thought it was risky but the world continues to evolve and eventually it becomes mainstream medical practice. If you saw how my surgery is done the technique and the implant injector they used on me was the same implant injector they used on my grandmothers cataract procedure. My point is all the equipment is exactly the same so they are not completely reinventing the wheel which makes me feel more comfortable knowing this. So the implant might be innovating but the surgery technique and implantation is nothing new. Another fun fact is cataract surgery techniques have been around 1000 years.

Lauren from the Big Apple ( 2/15/2012 )
New York

surgery to change eye color

I always wanted to have green eyes, I don't know why but I just do. I started wearing colored contacts when I was in college but I'm not satisfied because they don't look natural.
I've known Brightocular for quite a while now but I wasn't able to get the procedure done last year because of the incident that happened to the host country where I was stationed as I am in U.S. Marine now. This year I found time and grabbed the opportunity right away. I actually met another patient from the U.K.and we got the procedure done at the same day.
I was not nervous at all when I was about to get the procedure done. When the procedure began, all I remember was the doctor putting some eye drops in my eyes to sedate my eyes. I didn't feel any pain at all. After a couple of hours I was able to stand up and walk to the bathroom, I also checked my eyes and I looked like I didn't even get the procedure done, meaning there was no evidence that a surgery took place, other than the fact that I couldn't take my eyes off my new beautiful eyes haha. When the doctor told us that we're good to go, I was able to walk out of the hospital without any assistance and went back to the hotel. The next day, I didn't really feel any pain and I was actually able to do some sightseeing. On the 5th day after the procedure, I went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor was amazed and told me I recovered pretty fast. Now my 2 week vacation is almost over and I'm about to go back to work with green eyes that look pretty natural and I'm so satisfied.

Luis ( 2/29/2012 )
New Jersey

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I've been wearing color contacts for the past 25 years (since 1987), and I've worn just about every color. But what I noticed was, they never really looked natural. Then I heard of this procedure that could give me the gray eyes I always wanted. I was kind of nervous at first, so I investigated further. I saw pictures on Brightocular and knew that was the look I was after. So, I set a date to have it done. WOW! I'm so glad I did! The color is great! The surgery was quick with no pain or discomfort. My doctor gave me excellent follow up care. He even came in on his day off to check the progress of my eyes. I'm very pleased with the results. If you're looking for a natural look....this is it. Trust me, you'll be glad you did it. Cheers,

Dave ( 2/29/2012 )
from U.K.

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I all ways wanted to have green eyes one of my friends used to wear colour eye contact lens so I start wearing colour eye contact lens since I was 17 years old, I was only allowed to keep the lens on for 7 to 8 hours a day so was feeling sick of it. About 2 Years ago I searched online if there is a way to keep my eyes green without taking the lens of every 8 hours, finely my dream came true I found I contact the website and a very nice person named Spencer whom told me all about the surgery, I told my brother about the website and the costs of the surgery he was not happy because he thought it might be a scam so he tried his best to keep me out from doing but I trusted Spencer and the procedure. In December 2011 Spencer offered me to go and have my surgery done in one of the locations, I was so scared and nervous because I’m going to a country that I never been to and I was more worried about the doctor who knows what kind of doctor I am facing. But when I met the doctor I thought that my father is doing my surgery not a random doctor he treated me like his own daughter, I loved him so much. He made me so happy since I met him and he took a very good care of me, I don’t mind going again and have another surgery as long as I have it with the same doctor. Now my eyes are great and I love the colour I chose

Divya ( 3/9/2012 )
Toronto Canada

eye  surgery

Hi, my name's jo, I'm 20 and from the UK. I had the brightocular procedure done a month a go because of a medical condition. I had coloboma which is where there is a gap in the iris and this gives the impression of a mishaped pupil. I was able to get this procedure done through 'operation happy eyes' which is where the procedure can be done for free if it's for a medical condition. I went to India for this procedure as the Dr there has done this procedure many times. I really enjoyed my trip to India and I stayed in a nice hotel recommended by both bright ocular and the Dr. My first appointment with the Dr was a day after my arrival and I had to undergo a few tests to make sure I was a suitable candidate. All the staff at the hospital were very friendly and looked after me well. When I met the Dr he took time to answer all my questions and he made me feel very reassured. On the day of the procedure I felt nervous but it was all over before I knew it and I was able to get up and walk out of the operating theatre as soon as the implants were inserted. During the procedure I could feel the sensation of the implant being inserted but there was no pain because of the local anaesthetic given. It is now a month since getting this procedure done and I am really enjoying my new eyes and have had many compliments over their colour. I chose the smoky grey as this was recommended by both bright ocular and the Dr and I am very happy with how natural it looks. I have a month left of taking eye drops and have had my eyes checked since being back in the UK and my eyes are healing well. What I like about bright ocular is that they consider the anatomy and physiology of the eye, designing the implant in a way so that it doesn't disrupt the function of the eye, reducing the risk of secondary glaucoma. For those with medical conditions this procedure can be extremely beneficial in both treating any symptoms of the eye condition, such as light sensitivity whilst also giving cosmetic satisfaction. I am very happy with the results and would like to thank both bright ocular and the staff at the eye hospital in India for looking after me so well. I hope that anyone else who is considering this procedure finds my shared experience useful. Thanks for listening.

Jo (8/11/2013)

eye  surgery

My name is Rachel from California. The doctor was amazing and so was the staff. The experience was very pleasant and I love the ice gray color.

Rachel ( 12/18/2013 )

eye  surgery

Hi, my name is Henry, I am originally from New Zealand but reside in Australia. Since I've been back in Perth so many doors have opened awesome opportunities so I cant thank u enough for my new sea green eyes. Its almost 3 weeks since the procedure I'm not experiencing any discomfort, irritation and or impaired vision. Thank you brightocular, the doctor and his hospital team, this wouldn't have been possible.

Henry( 01/01/2014 )